Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Girl is Ours. . .

Six months, 15 days ago we brought home our little angel. We were in a state of shock as we left the clinic where she was born, knowing that our hopes of becoming parents just came true. Today we celebrate an event that secures our place as Xian’s legal parents. No longer is Xian just a child of our heart, she is also our legal daughter.

That’s right, XO’s adoption is finally finalized!! 

No more fear of her birth mother changing her mind, no more fear of the courts saying they won’t let us keep her. It’s OVER, DONE, KAPOOT! Now, the process begins of getting Xian registered, a passport, then a Visa and ultimately, a summer time flight to the States to meet our extended family.

Just over six months ago, the first toast was made with the hope of finishing the adoption process in four to six months. It went the full distance but Xian is through the system. On to the second toast...

1 more to go.

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