Sunday, April 22, 2012

Tutus for Two

One of the things that absolutely stumps me about my girls is any time they are dressed in super duper cute outfits and I'm all ready to get photos taken, they are as grumpy as all get out. Picture day is always ruined and I am left wondering why I tried in the first place. Today began like any other picture day. The girls were rockin their party clothes. The intention was we would get photos, then run along to a baby shower in our honor, as well as two other soon to be parents. Well the one thing I've learned in my short time as a parent is that I can make plans but the babies typically have their own agenda that have nothing to do with my plans. So, today was that day. Following a quite successful fun filled Saturday, XO woke grumpy and clingy. I couldn't put her down. As soon as her feet touched the ground, she would raise her arms and begin to cry as she lunged in my direction. With three cat naps before noon, I was dreading the afternoon. These are the days where I desperately miss our parents being here to help out.
One o'clock rolled around and both girls finally decided they were tired and would take more than the obligatory 30 minute nap. All was quiet on the home front. Problem was our shower began at 2. So, girls were woken, clothes were half-hazardly changed and we were off!
The shower turned out to be a huge success. Sugar and Spice and everything nice turned out to be EXACTLY what little girls are made of. The girls decided to put the morning behind them, and have a great time.
Party Time!!

The time was spent with their buddy, Tegan, new friend Mikayla finally made an appearance, and XO had a nice time being read to by Ella who was a bit overly zealous with her affections towards XO.
Ella and Jen

 What more could two babies ask for? And for the parents? Well, chocolate dipped cookie dough, croissants, and cookies were all up for grabs (grab them I did). Extra hands were available to help with the wee ones and Frank and I had a much needed break from holding babies. Oh and when asked, why the tutus, I answered: why not? It is a party isn't it and every girl needs a tutu. . . or 4
XO already has a love for reading

Sage LOVES being thrown in the air by Mommy!

Finally, family photo, Daddy has his hands full.

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