Friday, April 20, 2012

Motion Machine

Like a wind-up toy, Sage is a ball of energy that goes, goes, goes until she crashes. She loves any type of motion and is rarely still. After weeks of trying, she finally managed to roll from her back to her belly. Oh is this house happy. The cries of frustration were almost painful as she pushed and pushed against an unwanted arm. I think she would have signed up to remove the arm at one point in order for her to complete the roll. Now, she is quite content rolling back and forth.

Yesterday was also a package day. Packages are always great but when living the expat life, packages are fantastic. Even when we know a package is one its way, the arrival date is unknown. Will it take two weeks to get here? 3 weeks? Months? Will customs stop it? So, when a package shows up we get super excited. This time, Grandma's package voyaged across the Pacific with awesome loot for us (chocolate) and fun things for the girls. Thanks! The current highlight is a jump-up. Sage went into it tonight and zipped around in circles between breaks to munch on the frame. She loved the motion and possibly the taste.

In the center frame, we watched Sage grab a floor blanket and begin rolling. We can't let this one out of our sight! In moments she wrapped herself up.

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