Saturday, October 15, 2011

It begins and hopefully ends with a toast

Adopting has been on the minds of Krista and I for quite some time. We hoped and hoped that this fall would bring a beautiful new life into our home. Throughout last year, baby items began showing up in our apartment and one of the primary reasons for moving into the "hills" at the end of the year was to give our future baby less polluted air. Baby carriers waited us in France - oh, here is Krista using her carrier on Xian's first walk...

As we packed our bags to leave my parents' home in Les Grangettes, we carefully packaged a bottle of Macvin du Jura, which is a specialty of the region my parents live in and (I believe) relatively impossible to find elsewhere. The bottle made it safely to Taiwan and was almost opened on a few occasions but for one reason or another we did not get a baby. Then, on October 5 we had Xian - the perfect baby for us. Several days later, the Macvin was opened for a small toast.

What happens now? Well, we begin the legal process which can take four to six months. Here's to lots of good thoughts and one more toast in the near future as Xian officially becomes a McGowan.

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