Thursday, April 5, 2012

Garage tailgating

Going out to eat appears to be an event of the past; something that we remember fondly and think of the days in the future when we again find ourselves seated inside an eating establishment. For now, take out serves several purposes:
1. We don't have to cook.
2. We don't have to clean.
3. Picking up the food gives us the opportunity to have the all calming car ride.

On this occasion, we drove to Paleo's - the local pizzeria - which is a short ride away. The beginning of the ride  treated our ears to a stereo effect of multiple octaves. Car rides are fun but getting into car seats is a bummer. Krista escaped for a few moments as she picked up the pizzas but several moments into the return trip found both girls asleep. When we arrived at home, they were still snoozing away.

What to do? We didn't want to wake them up and leaving them in the garage is probably not the best idea (at least we've been told) so we tailgated. In fact, we almost got through the entire pizza before Sage decided to join the party.

the girls' heads peek over the seat as Krista tailgates on the Freeca in the garage

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