Thursday, April 26, 2012

Busted (again)!

While driving in Taiwan, it is easy to get the feeling that the big brother with the stick may be watching you at any moment. Cameras are everywhere though not at every intersection. In many instances, cars blaze through red lights without bothering to stop. A stop light is located at the end of our development. We typically give a good 5 second count before pulling out at a green light to give the scooters and cars that choose to run the light plenty of time. There must not be a camera here...

I'm good for 1-2 camera tickets a year. So far, I've collected two camera-trapped speeding tickets and one for running a red light that I contend I did not see. In my local area, I now know where the speed cameras are located and in what direction they operate so my speeding is no longer an issue and I have a pretty good feel for the red light cameras.

But, from time to time we venture out of town where Google Maps is our best friend. We follow the blue dot along streets with characters we cannot pronounce. Sometimes the search for the correct turn can be distracting and a camera-monitored intersection can pop up at the most in-opportune times.

I recently received this in the mail. The writing tells me to stop at the line when the light is red - good to know! Fortunately this ticket is small compared to some of the others...

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