Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Dump Trucks & Passion Flowers

The school that we teach at is located on a tiny road that winds along a river into an area known as the Dakeng Scenic Area. At times, I think that some of the more dangerous driving situations we've come across in Taiwan happen along this road. It's narrow, has ditches and walls on its side and the locals drive up and down it as if in the Grand Prix. Today, we rounded a bend to find a dump truck barreling up hill. Driving rule of Taiwan: MIGHT is right. The guy was not slowing down as I quickly reversed, changed direction and headed up a narrow driveway. A horrible crunching sound accompanied the rumble of the truck as it continued on its path. Somehow, the Freeca managed to move two large rocks and successfully wedge one underneath the car (so much for clearance). Fortunately, some kind souls exist in the world and a few parents stopped to help out. A tire jack balanced on a stack of bricks raised the car enough to work the rock out. Thanks to our helpers!

We then raced to pick up the girls and get back home for our evening walk. Xian has now graduated to the back position of Krista's carrier. She seems to enjoy the new view.

Along one of our afternoon routes, we had noticed vines growing along a fence. Interesting looking blooms began to form and finally gorgeous flowers popped out.

Passion Flower - soon to be a yummy passion fruit?

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