Monday, April 9, 2012

Paradise Bound

Turning her head in our direction, Xian recognized that it was us walking into the room and melted our hearts with a beautiful smile, giggle and patented arm flap .She was lying down holding a toy above her head playing with her "teacher" while Sage peacefully slept beside them. Today was the first full day that Sage and Xian were away from home. The past three and a half months included visits by grandparents and our two week Spring Break. A different reality is setting in as we work out taking our girls to daycare/Chinese school.

Today began with a 4:30 am wake-up ring. I rolled out of bed, managed to find some running clothes and stumbled outside for a quick run with Audrey. Returning, I woke Krista and we were lucky to have a few moments together to enjoy a cup of coffee and quick breakfast before we had to start getting the girls moving. Diapers, bottles and clothes for both girls while Xian had a double breakfast of formula followed by oats. Whew! Finally we were ready to load up the car and take off towards town to Paradise, their new school.

the outside of Paradise - an art / music school
At the moment, the situation is pretty nice. Xian and Sage are the only two in the baby school and have a wonderful, caring teacher. She only speaks Chinese so they are getting exposed to the language. Xian seems to love going and has been happy each time we visit (we practiced short time periods last week) while Sage is adjusting.

Rolling into school

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