Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Bangkok Revisited

Even before we received our little bundles of joy, we were planning for the day when we would get the call that we were to be parents. There was a lot of preparation that began over a year before our first wee one was born. Packages arrived from the States filled with tiny little outfits, cloth diapers were researched and cribs were purchased. In addition, whenever we traveled throughout the year preceding the girls' arrival, babies were on our minds. It seemed as if everywhere we went had a slew of baby items ripe for the picking. So how could we resist when we saw these cute outfits on the streets of Bangkok? Khao San Road was filled with graphic T's and fisherman pants. There were just so many items to choose from. Darth Vador Ts,

 elephant butt pants complete with the tail. . .

impossible to turn down; and just how would we know that the OM shirt would be donned by our peaceful little Xian a year and a half later?

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