Wednesday, April 4, 2012

1/2 a year for Xian

Six months ago was the birth of Xian. A day later, we received a call, raced to a clinic and walked out with the tiniest little baby. It was the beginning of a great adventure that we are now flying through. The past six months have been absolutely remarkable and each day brings new surprises. Xian is changing quickly. Her play has become much more deliberate, she sits up all the time, and she constantly wants to be engaged. She has also begun eating "solid" food. Krista mushes it up under close inspection by her majesty who then slurps it down.

A super quick video...So far, Xian has experimented with avocado, banana and sweet potato. Avocado was the first and she agreed to eat some of it. Bananas are candy - she thinks they are the tastiest item out there. Today was sweet potato - which may be a bit of a disappointment after the bananas.

Yep, who exchanged the bananas with sweet potatoes? Don't worry because Xian got her banana fix this evening. All in all, Xian is one happy girl these days. Another big first is that she will now sleep through the night. Down at 7 pm and up at 6 am! Woohoo - this makes Mom & Dad oh so happy.

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