Monday, April 23, 2012

Tic Toc

Here we are, cruising into the last week of April. Tic toc. This time of year is often accompanied by tired, yet smiling faces. The descent towards the end of the school year is on. Tic toc. Conversations stray from weekend plans to summer adventures. Books are flagged for the famous summer reading list. Dreams of outings under long summer days creep into the busiest of times.

tic toc

This year is different. Put the brakes on! The ticking repeats with an urgency. We need this time. It must slow. tic toc Bureaucracy tugs at our sleeves. Our two girls, constantly in our minds, have been with us for almost seven and four months. tic toc. Paperwork abounds. Rules - to keep everyone safer - form a tunnel with little light. June 11. tic toc On this day we hope to all board a plane for Portland. It has been almost two years since we left. The girls need passports. tic toc. The US government believes that it is in everyone's best interest to require a visa for them to enter the country. tic toc The Taiwanese government  demands registration of the girls. But, we can't do it. We're not Taiwanese. tic toc Time is going by too fast. Will we get on the plane? All of us? On June 11?

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