Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Daily Report: a little cloudy...

Each day when we pick up the girls from school, we are given a report of the day.

We don't read Chinese. Yesterday, we were given the report and noticed that both girls had the circle indicating cloudy (top right) marked on their papers. Well, the weekend had been a rough one. Xian reacted to her latest round of shots and Sage is adjusting to time away from home. Neither girl slept well so a cloudy disposition seemed understandable for a Monday back to school.

Today's general conversation as we picked them up:
"How did the day go for the girls?"

"It was a good day."

"Were they upset and cried like yesterday?"

Surprised looks were given as the principal translated. "No," she replied, "the girls were fine. Why do you think they cried yesterday?"

"We looked on the report and the disposition of both girls was cloudy so we thought that they might have cried."

More confused looks...

"You know. On your form there is a sun shine, clouds and rain."

"Oh. That's just the weather. Yesterday was cloudy."

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