Wednesday, April 18, 2012


At this time last year conversations surrounding diapers were already quite common in our house. Diapers represented a future promise. The Velcro and snaps would fit snugly around a giggling baby. Awesome designs would be shown off as little girls crawled around the house.

Krista did an amazing job tracking down various types of diapers, weighing the pros and cons and collecting an assortment of colors and designs. Soon, the diapers began showing up in large boxes with her name attached. Babies were on the horizon!

Diaper Pile
Today, diapers remain a focal point of our household though most conversations revolve around additional loads of laundry. We do have two beautiful, giggling (before the diaper goes on) babies to fit into the diapers and the extra loads of laundry have almost become habit.

In addition to being well-washed, the diapers are becoming quite accustomed to traveling back and forth from school. A huge sack holds the supply for a few days and each day we return home ones needing a cleaning. This morning, we arrived at school to drop the girls off and Krista turned to me to ask if I had packed the diaper bag. Oops. I managed to carry it down the stairs but somewhere in the process of putting on my shoes I got sidetracked and forgot to put the bag into the car.

No diapers.

My gut reaction was to race back home (20 minutes away) and collect the bag though we barely had time to get to work. Fortunately, Krista's planning came to the rescue. A few disposables were stashed in the car to get the girls through the day. Saved!

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