Saturday, April 7, 2012

Triple long rocking horse

To our girls, this horse may currently seem like the Trojan Horse rolling up to the walls of the city. It's huge. Krista sits on it with both girls and there is room to spare. This horse is the kind of piece that will make us get a container to ship stuff next time we move!

A new furniture shop opened up near us that is pretty cool. Not knowing what was being constructed, we watched a huge open space take shape. We speculated multiple possibilities but not a furniture store like this one. The back section contains massive rough cut pieces of wood to be carved into pieces in the open studio on the west side of the building. Walking through the space provides much eye candy as the works are unique and beautiful.

The girls love their rocking horse. They stand and grab the handles and enjoy the ride as we rock away.

ps - Thanks Ole Far & Grandmere for the awesome gift

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