Sunday, April 29, 2012

Another seat at the table

Sage is closing the door on her 4th month of life and continues to fill out. Today, we gave her a try at the breakfast table and she seemed to enjoy the promotion. (Her former "kitchen seat" was a small recliner that put her at an eye-to-eye level with Audrey instead of her sister.)

Hey! Is this how you do it?
Lucas, is one of Sage's buddies. He is a rabbit from France that hangs out in our kitchen and shares a seat with Sage on most days. Here, Sage checks out his shoes as she appreciates the great toy tray that comes along with the big girl seat.

Xian, who has been sitting in a high chair for almost as long as Sage has been alive, shows Sage how to relax at the breakfast table.

Sitting up can be hard work!

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