Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Rockin the Tutu

I have just recently discovered the joys (and frustrations) of Photoshop. It truly is an amazing program that you can do just about anything with; however, I am completely and utterly in the dark when it comes to actually creating anything fabulous with it. My first (and only) project so far has been to create a thank you card. I believe it came out. . .OK. . .not spectacular. Which is why I was completely blown away when I received this photo. . .

Seriously, does this get any cuter? My friend, Allison, has been my mentor of sorts-giving me tips as she fights through the frustration that is Photoshop. Tutorials are shared, and the latest of her battles (which I'd say she won) was the photo above of Sage, rockin her hot pink tutu. 

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