Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Sage's Sneak Attack

This is truly an instant where I wish that I could wind back time for a better viewing of the show. Krista and I spend a lot of time juggling. Babies, that is. We currently joke that together, we do quite a lot of things separately. So even though we were both sitting on our couch, I entertained Xian as Krista played elevator with Sage. In the elevator, Sage is slowly raised up by Krista. At the top of Krista's arm length, she pauses so that Sage can admire the world map puzzle on the wall. Then the elevator comes racing back down. Sage loves it!

The elevator must have been at its apex when I hear Krista's scream. Quickly turning, I see that our spit-up queen had struck. The top of the ride was the perfect place for Sage to let loose a stomach full of curdled goat's milk on to Krista's head!

Who me? I didn't do anything.
"Help me! Help me!" 

Yesterday, Sage had tired me out with the constant flow of vomit so I thought the situation painfully funny. As if racing on tiny goat legs, the curdled milk quickly spread all over. By this time, Krista was shaking and I got a bit worried. Was she laughing uncontrollably or was she really upset?

I grabbed Sage out of her hands. 

Krista was paralyzed in place though still shaking. "Clean it up!"

"No way, go hop into the shower," I replied. The burp cloth that could clean her hair after that performance has not yet been invented.

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