Monday, May 7, 2012

Lil' miss spit-up is 4 months old

Silence was followed by a red and contorted face. Her open mouth screamed of a shriek that waited and waited before filling the doctor's office. Tonight was shot night!

The doctor continues to be a little concerned about Sage's love of vomit. She literally gushes after most feedings. She's downing Gripe Water (Xian's miracle cure) by the teaspoon full without much effect. The doctor has recommended stomach rubs which help a bit. Tonight, Sage was prodded and poked as a full "gut-exam" was given. In the end, she was somewhat cleared. No permanent blockages were found and we left with the common refrain that she will eventually grow out of this period.
Milk on the chin

Current Stats:
5.4 kg (12 lbs)
58 cm (22 in)

When she is not spitting up or eating (Sage rarely sleeps during the day), Sage continues to be a motion machine. She tumbles here, rolls there and constantly makes noise. At times, it seems as if she is in a race to be the house's first crawler.

And of course, Sage spends a lot of time loving her mommy.

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