Thursday, May 10, 2012

to the pool, to the pool, to the pool we go!

On May 1, the swimming pool in our housing area was magically filled with water and posted signs shouted, "Game on!" The pool was finally open. Our first walk of the past weekend left us quite warm and our eyes gravitated towards the blue glow the pool. Xian was the saltwater guinea pig so we decided to give Sage first dibs this time.

Sage appeared curious and we planned to return later on for a full session.

Dad has lots to learn about taking the girls swimming. The first step is the swim suit trial.

Then, we have to spend some time on the side of the pool posing for photos.

Sage reaches out to Xian to tell her not to worry. She's tested the waters and all is good. Finally, the girls get into the water.

All in all, it was a good first experience. Sage seemed quite content getting in the water and enjoyed being dipped in. Xian was barely OK but leaning towards the positive side. The water was still a bit cool so a few more days of warm weather should heat it up.

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