Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Another sign that summer is around the corner

It's starting to get hot. Our air conditioners are becoming well used as both temperatures and humidity increase. At school, kids are getting anxious and conversations often revolve around summer plans and plane tickets.

This year, regular down pours are helping to bring in the season and the creeks rapidly fill with water.

Audrey also heralds the change in season by shedding at an uncontrollable rate. Even after vacuuming, her hairs collect in the middle of rooms. Our two little ones are keeping us sufficiently busy so we have been unable to find the time to shave her as  in the past. Well, Krista has not found the time and I am not allowed to bring the clippers near darling Audrey. I'm sure that my job would at least be adequate...With Audrey's shedded hair multiplying and beginning to develop personality, we finally took her to a doggie groomer near our local grocery store. A few hours later, a somewhat distressed Audrey was returned to us minus several pounds of hair.

Dogs are seen around with intricate patterns carved into their fur but we went for a simple look. Audrey now sports a mane as the hair from her neck to her nose remained untouched. She also has a duster for a tail.

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