Sunday, May 27, 2012

Water loss

I woke up today with one simple thought in my mind - take a shower. Definitely a start-my-day-with-a-shower kind of person and today I wanted one. Maybe it was the fact that Sage got me up at 4:30 on a Sunday morning and I needed an additional wake-up call to the brewing coffee. Who knows, but the faucet provided the reminder of last night's announcement.

Our development has a subway station-esque announcement system. A sound cuts through the alleys as if a train were pulling into station. This gets followed by an announcement in Chinese; none too helpful for the non-Chinese speakers of the area (that's us). Fortunately some friends translate and send a text regarding the message. Last night's message informed us that the water main was damaged and that the water would be turned off. Yippee!

No shower early this morning. No mid-morning shower. We headed out and went on some errands. No shower when we returned. In fact, no water all day. This evening, both girls were in quite a state and the typical bottle-bath-bed routine was tampered by the broken water main. Attempting to keep the motions as close to normal as possible, we fed the girls and then gave them a baby-wipe bath. The idea (brilliant if you ask me) to give the baby-wipe bath in the tub was vetoed. The babies finally got to bed but...still no shower.

Closing the circle: We woke up Monday morning to the sound of air in the faucets. Blah! Getting out of the house was a bit dysfunctional but we made it. Fortunately, the water was back on by the time we got home from work. I've lived without running water before and it did not seem that big of a deal at the time. With the two little ones it's a different story. I'm quite thankful of the running water and my thoughts go out to the many families who do not have it on a daily basis.

Speaking of water. Oh so ready to head home - photos from Eagle Creek, Columbia River Gorge

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