Sunday, May 13, 2012

First Mother's Day (and an amazing one you are)

For me, the last seven months were a wonderful experience. I have often chuckled at the comment that one of my trips were the "trip of a lifetime". How many trips of a lifetime does one get anyways? If there is to be one major trip, I'm now on it.  As with any great adventure, it's not just the places one visits but the companions along the way. For the trip that I am steadily cruising along on, I could not have dreamed of a better partner; Krista is simply an amazing mom. Each day I smile as she talks with the girls, makes one giggle while she soothes the other, dances across the room to make Xian flap her arms in enjoyment and Sage watch in awe, or laughs a beautiful, joyous laugh as one of the girls tries something new.

We are both extremely lucky to have Xian and Sage in our lives but I think that they are also lucky to have such a wonderful mom. On her first official Mother's Day, we all want to say, "Thanks for being such a wonderful mom. We love you!"
 Frank, Xian & Sage

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