Sunday, May 20, 2012

The mosquito fight continues

These zebra-striped mosquitoes are fast and dangerous. With vampire-like speed, they swoop in and jab their proboscis into poor little Xian. They are gone before we can find them. Her reactions are horrible; her skins turns a bright red, she swells and can also scab. Last week, we upped the artillery against these blood suckers. Xian doesn't leave the house without being covered in mosquito repellent and we found a noise-making device that mimics the sound of a male mosquito. Theoretically, the blood hungry females avoid the sound. The device is attached near a rear window in the Freeca. The noise also drives us crazy and the bumpy Taiwanese roads often jar it enough to turn on the high pitched squeal. 

Our latest outing was to purchase a mosquito net to cover Xian's crib. After picking the girls up from school, we headed to the Taiwanese-style Home Depot. The girls loved cruising through the store in their double-long stroller. The best display was the one created by the lighting department. Eyes were wide and both Xian and Sage stared in complete silence.

At home, we installed the net above Xian's crib. It's quite princess-like.

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