Thursday, May 24, 2012

Walking the dog (Taiwanese Style)

The following recipe finally gave me the long awaited excuse to take Audrey for a walk in proper Taiwanese fashion:

  • Emergency - The last of Xian's precious bananas had been eaten. 
  • Rapidly approaching dusk
  • A dog in desperate need of exercise.
  • Our scooter that needs to be used from time to time.
We have often laughed as scooters zip by with dogs trailing afterwards as fast as they run. One person who lives near us takes his five, white ankle biters out for a scooter walk. He drives; they yip and run. I gave it a try. At first, Audrey was hesitant and did not want to leave. Usually we tell her to avoid scooters but now I was asking her to chase one. With some coaxing she followed and we took off down the street. She soon found a large stick and thought we might play scooter fetch but that didn't happen. Taking a small back-road we made it to the banana seller and back home without incident. She got a great run and I enjoyed a rare scooter ride. 

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