Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Bites & Bumps heading into month #8

The last week around here was a wacky one for Xian as she put a final stamp on her 7th month. First, there was First Blood and then we arrived at Paradise to pick her up from school with a huge surprise. Huge in that her hand had puffed up past the point of her rubber band wrists being cute. Swollen and red, as if burned with scalding water, her teachers and the principal gathered round to show us. Xian was a trooper as she was poked and prodded. A random parent even stepped in to offer her 50 cents (in Chinese). The general consensus was that the egg monster had pulled Xian into allergy land and she was in the midst of a reaction.

Fortunately, the emergency room is on the way home so we raced to the hospital, which happened to be quite empty. Their curiosity piqued, security guards and other staff wandered over to let us know what was wrong. This time the consensus was that we must have poured boiling water over her hands! Seriously...

A nurse quickly checked us in and soon Xian was being seen by a doctor. Xian was awesome! Glowing smiles instantly won over the nurses and she giggled throughout the doctor's check-up.

sorry for the poor photo quality

Close inspection and the doctor's keen eye saw through Xian's swollen hand to the final culprit - mosquitoes. As it turns out, Xian is quite allergic to the blood suckers and had not, in fact, been doused with scalding water. She also did not have a reaction to eating egg - she only eats the yolk which is not reported to carry the allergens in the egg whites. 

Otherwise, all is great. Xian joined her sister for the monthly check-up and laughed as Sage received her latest immunization. She's grown a bit, putting on one pound (up to 17 lbs) and getting close to 25".

From the end of February to the beginning of May - still enjoying the window seat!

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