Sunday, May 27, 2012

Fly by weekend

The girls are getting more and more active. Nap times are crash times. Xian is in the phase of trying many different actions in one play session: crawling, pulling herself back into a sitting position, standing, moving forward from sitting to all fours. When put in her crib for a nap, she cannot stop moving but eventually passes out for a few hours. Sage continues to be a motion machine. She makes a lot of noise and her legs are a constant go. However, on Saturday, the girls were on opposite schedules so while the naps were good as one went to sleep the other woke up. A few snapshots:

Sage is trying her best to sit-up by herself. She's got a fair amount of balance and is starting to figure out a way to slow down her feet. It's really hard to sit when one's legs are moving all over the place.

No place is safe from Xian's wanderings. She's not quite crawling but has several methods of locomotion that seem to work for her. There is the roll which she uses to quickly move from one area to another (bonus points if Sage is in the way to steamroll). There is also the foot push. This is the closest to crawling yet. With her hands at her sides, she packs the power into her legs, pushes off with her feet and zooms forwards.

Sage is starting to love looking at books. Evening reading times are a fav for her. She will often stay in a cobra-type pose for a book or two, following each page back and forth.

Friend Ella came over for a visit. Yep, a toddler, a 4.5 and a 7.5 monther. Lots of activity...

Woohoo! Who would have known that a plastic bottle filled with beans, rice and pasta could be so much fun but Xian loved this new toy!

Sage simply passed out on Mom

only to be recharged moments later.

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