Saturday, May 12, 2012

Food Festival

This weekend is the Compass Magazine Food Festival in Taichung. We missed it last year but grabbed the girls and headed out to see what it was all about. It takes place on a few city blocks along the Art Museum Greenway. We have visited that area countless times and found a parking space to only begin searching for the festival. Where were the people? The booths of food? The bands? We were generally in the right area but needed a 15 minute walk to get to the actual festival. Our school had a booth and we stopped by as we arrived. Xian was on hand to counsel those interested in education.

The atmosphere was great - lots of people, music and food, food, food. The girls packed their own goat milk and as we took a bottle break, a Taiwanese couple walked by. We noticed them looking at the girls and a few moments later they returned asking if they could take a photo with Xian. We agreed - it was just too funny. Did they want a photo of the American baby? By capturing Xian's upset face? (She is beginning to enter the stranger-danger phase!)

The girls later got their faces painted for the first time. We started small this time...
Xian received a small heart

The girls were great! They seemed to love being outside and we kept them well away from the loud music. They listened from a distance while hanging out in the backpack carriers. After a few hours, they were tired and ready to head home. Oh yeah, the car was parked a short walk away. Sage, after gumming the backpack for most of the afternoon,

was passed out by the time we reached the Freeca.

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