Monday, February 4, 2013

To the operating room we go...

The stainless doors mechanically opened into a small waiting room that already contained a few people. Our quest to put an end to the dreaded ear infections took another step forward as we changed Sage into her oh-so-big scrubs. Despite her 4:30 am wake-up, Sage acted like a rock star. She smiled. She giggled. She pranced around in the scrubs. She hugged her stuffy with all of her might. And, she did not complain about the long fast. Yep, dinner was the previous night at 5:30 and neither food or any type of beverage could be taken in.

We found ourselves waiting a bit longer than expected but eventually a nurse appeared to take Sage. Krista was allowed to accompany her through anesthesia. 

We were told that each ear would take 30 minutes and she would then need an hour of monitoring before dismissal. Eventually, Krista was again summoned to find that the nurses had already woken Sage. She was mad and likely quite scared. She slowly calmed and we left with a sweet little baby who quickly fell asleep in the car. Our instructions were to slowly introduce water, then a little milk and finally solids. Sage's thoughts on water...

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