Sunday, February 24, 2013

House Elf running wild

Our little Dobby loves to wreak havoc on her Mom and Dad and her motto is the earlier the better. Typically, she wakes up somewhere between 4 and 5:00 in the morning. During the week this is not that big of a deal since I get up early to walk Audrey. If Sage is awake, she comes along and watches the moon set and the day begin. However, she has not yet grasped the importance of sleeping in on the weekends.

Our house elf who has absconded with her sister's Tigger.
This morning was no different from most weekends. We wanted to sleep. Sage wanted to get up. At 5:00 pm. The weekend sleep plan went into effect. I quickly grabbed the little monkey before her increasing sounds woke Thing 1 and the rest of the neighborhood, but instead of heading downstairs I brought her back to our room. Sage explores while we try to get a few more moments of low quality sleep. She enjoys this activity and manages to get herself into all sorts of trouble. This morning, she snuck into the bathroom - the door closes but not well enough for her mischievous ways - and then got really quiet. Quiet is usually a good indicator that we are in trouble but poor quality sleep called our names louder than her silence.

Sage eventually exited the bathroom and began making all sorts of noise in the main room. Krista smelled a strong odor of...soap. As it turns out, she found the brand new bottle of baby soap and managed to unscrew the top. She then emptied the entire bottle into the tub. The first bottle took a year to get through and the second, 24 hours. Thanks Sage!

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