Saturday, February 16, 2013

High chairs

Dear High Chairs,
For months you graced our kitchen and provided Sage and I with a safe place to eat. We felt secure in your solid, wooden frame as we slowly built the muscles that let us sit up.

I remember the insert that kept me snug as I began reading books in my chair and sat at the dinner table. Soon, Sage also joined us at the table. She made a big mess. Hmm, she still makes big messes.

Black and red, we sat side-by-side. For the longest time, we both existed on separate planes. Sage did her thing and I did mine. The funny thing is that we we eventually began noticing each other and interacting. High chairs, thanks to you, I really love my sister today.

Great times - banana through a mesh. Yum!
Each day we took a rest with you and refueled for more awesome activity. And we learned. We learned and we learned in our days with you. Here is a shot from my ET-stage as I became more social.

Do you notice that I'm feeding myself?
Sage became goofier and goofier but Mom and Dad had the hardest time getting any evidence. Every time that camera came out she became somber. They got lucky and caught her this time with a great smile.

So, High Chairs, I guess you can tell why I'm writing. Sage and I are growing up. It was nice to have a comfy place in the kitchen to sit but you were beginning to cramp our style. And that tray! Don't even get me started about the pain caused when my little finger got caught between the chair and that tray. Ouch! (Ok, ok, Sage I'll put in something about the belt.) The belt is cruelty at its finest. Just when a little girl thinks that she can stand up in her chair that belt tightens around the waist and we're stuck. Blah. I don't care for it at all. Our ride with you is over. We may not yet meet the height requirement for the next ride but we sneaked on.

Check this out - I'm sitting all by myself and using two utensils at once. Who's the big girl now? Oh yeah, did you notice that I spoon food without the help of Mom or Dad?

Sage struggles a bit with keeping her little diaper in the seat for an entire meal but she is also doing a super job. Just look at her feet swinging away and tell me that ain't happiness.

Here we are - two girls that are growing up fast. High Chairs, we wish you the best but are glad that some space has been cleared out of our kitchen.


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