Monday, February 11, 2013

DIY Play Kitchen

I began looking on websites, Toys R Us, Amazon, Ebay and ended with Pinterest and a trip to the local hardware store. Xian's imaginative play kicked off a few months back and she has become more and more interested with pretending to cook, eat and feed any one willing to be fed. It was decided the girls needed a play kitchen. Initially I had high hopes and was quite positive with the choices I found online. 

Plan A: A fabulous espresso kitchen, complete with stainless steel appliances and an automatic cappuccino maker made the top of the list. Upon ordering, it was discovered that anyone who would ship clear to Taiwan was sold out. 

Enter Plan B: I began to look locally. Plastic after plastic kitchen was found and the expense was staggering. Scratch Plan B. 

Welcome to Plan C: a DIY kitchen made from some cabinets we had laying around. After hours, days spent on Pinterest researching, I finally had a plan in place. Frank’s dad was set to arrive from France in a month and I was anxious to enlist his help to get this project going.

It all began with three cabinets. One would become the sink cabinet, one the oven and the one below 
the refrigerator/freezer.

The project was moved to our garage. (Side note: this resulted in an unknown neighborhood feud as our car could no longer fit in the garage and we had to park in the street. The Freeca needs its space.) Pieces slowly began fitting together to give new purpose to the cabinets.

Ole Far was mighty pleased about the rounded off counter.

Doors were replaced, silver paint was sprayed and the kitchen began to take shape. A stove top was quickly and easily put together with spray painted CDs to serve as the burners and kitchen knobs (yes they turn) to serve as the stove and oven controls.

The only item Frank requested was that the oven contain real grates, so thanks to my ingenious father in law, the girls now have oven racks that slide in and out. (They now spend more time on the floor being stood on than actually in the oven, but they do get the most use).

The oven also has turnable knobs and even a faux clock set to the birth month of each of the girls, October and January 10:01.

The kitchen moved from its garage location into our downstairs' kitchen. The finished set ready for the girls to play.

Sage acts as the maintenance team. Her first project was to inspect all of the hinges and bolts used to fasten the kitchen together.

Xian is the cook. She slowly mixes her masterpieces, samples to make sure that her high standard is met and then treats everyone to a taster.

In all, it was a complete success! Hours and hours have already been spent opening and closing doors. The girls LOVE it! Thanks Ole Far!

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