Thursday, February 28, 2013

A "playful" nip

Reminders constantly surface regarding the differences between our two girls. The latest relates to their interactions with a parrot at their school. As we left school last week, the parrot also happened to be heading out. With the cage on the ground, our girls quickly gathered around as birds currently top their list of awesome, amazing beings (after their mother, of course).

(Sorry for the low quality photo - the phone is barely hanging on. 4 more months...)

Xian respectfully looked at the green bird from a distance. She waved and clapped her hands. Sage relentlessly attacked the cage. She wanted the bird. At one point both Krista and another person were redirecting her flying fingers. After multiple requests for her to keep her hands away, Sage was finally left to her own devices. People really don't learn by being told, do they? Within moments her little fingers were in the cage and NIP, the bird clamped down on a finger a little blood surfaced. Ouch! Sage yelped for a few seconds and got a mommy-cuddle but she wanted back down. Did she learn? People don't always learn the first time, do they? Within moments her fingers were wandering back towards the cage. That was our cue to head home for the day...

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