Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Typhoon Tembin

Our little corner of the Pacific is rockin' and rollin'. It seems as if every day brings new storms to the horizons. Growing up on the east coast, I was accustomed to the slow traverse of the Atlantic Ocean that hurricanes would take. Tracking maps would be brought out and best guesses made as to the landing point (I'm still amazed that my mom had a better success rate than the weather forecasters.)

It's different here. The run-out is nonexistent as a storm can form and threaten land within days. This week, two storms have caught our attention: Typhoon Tembin and Typhoon Bolaven.

[Image removed - as Tembin ran north, the image did too. Where oh where did Tembin go...]

Tembin is the storm ready to swallow Taiwan and Bolaven lurks behind. The interesting dynamic is that Tembin's original course was plotted to move between Taiwan and Japan but Bolaven gave it a big push. The question that remains is whether or not we will have school tomorrow...

In other news, we've been slackers
Kids are sick
Krista is sick
Who knows what I'm doing...
but, things are happening and we'll post soon. 
Take care!

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