Saturday, August 4, 2012

7 months for Sage

Wow! What an ending to month 7 for this little one. Since our return to Taiwan, Sage has pulled out all sorts of new abilities. She began summer vacation sitting on her own and now she can get into the sitting position by herself.

She has also left the revving behind and took off from the starting line. Unlike big sister's painful military crawl, Sage uses an upper body pull and an occasional froggy jump to move around.

Turning over a new leaf, Sage is also becoming a sleeper. The big move when we returned was putting her into the same room as Xian for night time. It's been great! They barely bug each other (for the time being!) and quickly fall asleep. Sage will wake up at some point to eat but often goes right back to sleep. Aah, the wonders sleep can do for parents... She is also beginning to extend her naps. Instead of the 30 minute snooze she now logs in hours at a time. Here she is crashed out in the pack-n-play with her lovey

Sage is also becoming much more social. Ba-ba-ba. Ma-ma-ma. These sounds roll out with ease. She engages constantly with her sister and even acknowledges Mom & Dad from time to time! Not forgotten, she maintains her love of Audrey.

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