Friday, August 24, 2012

The best kind of "typhoon day"

Typhoon Tembin continued its erratic path by hooking southward and cruising over the southern part of the island. Reports have indicated flooding and damage in the south and I hope that people can quickly recover. Up to 3000 people across parts of Taiwan were evacuated in anticipation of the storm. It is still forecasted to make a loop and return north but on the eastern side of the island. At our home in Taichung, not even a drop of rain made it to the ground. This made last night's decision by the City of Taichung quite nice - all offices and schools were closed today! In preparation for the storm, we got out early this morning for a walk...

Dressed and ready to go!

Even without threatening typhoons, lots and lots of rain has recently fallen. Each day seems to bring a torrential downpour (I got good and soaked on the scooter as I returned home earlier in the week). Farmers are struggling with harvests as the rains continue and the predominant color is green. Few plants on the walk are flowering but this red caught stood out.

A view across the overgrown cemetery and towards the eastern hills

Rains from an earlier tropical storm scoured out the creek. When we first returned from the States, it was chock full of plants.

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