Saturday, August 25, 2012


"Yeah right, your kids are going to school. They are like what...1 year old."

We've heard the above countless times and the girls are not even one yet. What do they do during the day when we are off teaching? They go to school. From this school, we hope to give them the gift of language. After a summer in the States, they seem to have readjusted to full days of Mandarin. But how do we know that they are in school. Homework! They get more homework than I assign and Krista has to sign off on pages to verify that it has been done. he he he Sometimes the girls are into it and other times, they're not.

The weekend packet - It's awesome that they have a special carrying case

Inside the packet...

yep, the books are in Chinese. Krista is becoming a great look-at-the-picture storyteller. The string-it game. This one is definitely a bit old for the girls. It's a good thing that these pages haven't yet been stamped with a signature. I don't think Xian could fake it.

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