Saturday, August 11, 2012

and another year begins...

On Wednesday, the buses rolled up the hill, taxis lined up and we opened our doors to students; some students we knew while others are just beginning at our school. A few students who are continuing their education in the States also showed up to say hello. Enjoying the after-Labor Day-start, these kiddos are still in the midst of summer break. (We reap the benefit of an early beginning the second semester with breaks for Chinese New Year and an extended spring break). This year, I've decided to turn over a new leaf and write about my teaching. The craziness of the last few years has pushed the reflective process aside a bit so I'm trying tap back in.

The girls are back to school in full swing. They've been quite tired as expected. Long days of only Chinese language take their toll. They've also been working on new teeth - Xian on #5 and Sage one of her top fronts. A call from school on Tuesday resulted in Krista racing Xian off to the doctor for a supply of fever medications. That night Sage, who loves to spazz out while sitting missed connecting her hand with the ground so her face gladly obliged. Screams, oh the screams. Blood everywhere. Fortunately, the bleeding stopped and she could enjoy dinner with a fat lip. They both rounded out the week by developing colds.

Sage sporting the overalls
Goodies are always in the pouch.

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