Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Typhoon Saola - preparations

Models predict that this typhoon will finish skirting the northeast tip of Taiwan by midday tomorrow (8/2). On Wednesday night, the rain has set in and the wind is definitely picking up. To get ready, we headed for the kitchen.

As my back was turned one day over the summer, Krista quickly stuffed a cake pop machine into a bag. Out it came this evening and tasty banana-bread-doughnut-hole-ish concoctions were soon popping out of the machine.

Meanwhile, I started slicing up a mondo-mango to create a new breakfast item we've been enjoying. Last weekend, Krista crock potted up a batch of yogurt (so tasty!) which has been used in a no cook oat delight.

Ingredients (+ a healthy serving of honey):

Mix them all up in a container and let sit overnight. When we wake up, breakfast is already made!

We will soon call it quits for the evening and hope that the weather does not worsen too much over night and through the next day. Seriously, we can't have a typhoon day before the school year starts, right?

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