Saturday, June 15, 2013

We Love You

Dear Dad-Dee,

Happy Daddy’s Day to the best daddy in the whole world! We’ve come a long way together since that ride home in the car with all of those crazy bright lights (I still don’t like bright lights btw). You’ve been the best daddy a girl could ask for. I know sometimes I confuse the word “food” with “daddy” but hey you know how much I love to eat and I love you too, so it all goes together, don’t ya think? Plus, you always cook up the most amazing meals. You make the best bread hands down! The kitchen is such a fabulous place because you don’t care that I’m a baby-wait a toddler-you teach me to cook just like I’m a big girl. I hope someday I can grow up to cook as well as you. I also love how you, mei-mei and myself have a secret language that Mommy pretends to understand-but we all know she doesn’t. I love the walks you take me on, showing me things; especially the banana plants because bananas are my favorite! The time spent sitting on your lap being read to is a time I will always cherish. There is nothing quite like “Caca Boudin” and the “Pied” book, that one is really great (I’m still working on my spelling too).

The point is Dad-Dee, you’re the best. I know I’m touchy sometimes and can be a bit demanding (just because I’m a girl who knows what she wants!) but at the end of the day, I look forward to a good ole fashioned snuggle and dance around the room with you.


Dear Da,

I’m still working on getting your name down, but at least I’m not like Xin-Xin and get all messed up with what is food and what is Dad. Geesh, that girl. Anyway, I wanted to tell you Happy Daddy’s Day. You’re really patient with me and all of my craziness. Keep in mind though, I take after you-I just want to be on the go non-stop and explore new things, and learn all I can. I’ll grow up someday and maybe, just maybe, I won’t cry so much (don’t hold me to that, I’ll deny I ever said it). I love early mornings with you when it is just you and me and Audrey-although Xin-Xin seems to be invading our private time as of late. The walks you take me on in the carrier totally rock! There is just so much to see at 4:30 in the morning, who could ever dream of sleeping later? Oh man, I almost forgot. . .the towers. . .Oh how I LOVE the towers you build. There is something so satisfying about running across the room and knocking those towers to the ground. The really cool thing is, you just build me another one. If that isn’t love, I don’t know what is!

You and me, we’ve had our ups and downs. There was a time when I couldn’t hear and so I didn’t follow directions really well-but that time is passed and I’m ready to get with the program! I’m perfecting my eye roll since I have “the look” down pat, so I’m ready to show you just how much I understand when you ask me to do something I’m not really willing to do. I’m learning new words every day and pretty soon, I’ll be able to say Daddy, just like big sis! For now though, you’ll have to be okay with a firm finger point and a light sounding “Da”.


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