Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Oh, the Places You'll Go

How do you measure stages in your life? As a teacher, each year takes on a different quality as students enter our room at the end of summer and spend a year growing as we talk, think, laugh and sometimes cry. Our girls are winding down the last few days of their first school experience. Almost a year and a half ago, a 7-month old Xian and a 4-month old Sage began going to school. They've loved it and get excited in the mornings as we prepare for the day. If, in order to make another stop first, we pass the turn to school in the morning, a disgruntled Xian quickly voices her discontent. They have friends who each day give the girls a rousing "Bye bye!" and they have a wonderful teacher who has shown lots of care and kindness to these two little ones. Next week, it will be time to give a final "Bye bye!" as we depart Taichung. With this in mind, we asked our girls' teacher to sign their special books. Each girl has a copy - one given to us by a friend of Krista's as we packed our bags for Taiwan and the other given by an old friend of mine as I graduated from high school. Where will they go? What will they see? We hope that they have an amazing journey as they meet wonderful people and visit this world.

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