Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Teppanyaki Night

It's fast, it's tasty and it's fun. Teppanyaki can be considered a version of Taiwanese fast food. From walking into the restaurant to taking the first bite, the time can be measured in minutes. When we first moved to Taichung, this teppanyaki restaurant was a short walk from our apartment. The guys cooking there - and there has only been guys in this place - quickly remembered us and smiles greeted our arrival. An English version of the menu appeared after a few visits though we have rarely strayed from our original order.

Cooking it up
The menu doubles as an order form and marks indicate how much of each dish, drinks and rice you would like. Once the girls popped into our lives, the weekly excursions to teppanyaki rapidly dwindled and the random take-out sufficed though the food never tasted as good once it got all the way home.

This week, we decided to take the girls and arrived a bit on the early side of 5:00 to avoid the mad rush. A few other diners sat around the grill and we found seats on one edge. The girls appeared fascinated as various foods cooked in front of them.

Food rapidly arrived and a successful dining experience (meaning no meltdown!) was had as we enjoyed the cooking and left for the night market.

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