Wednesday, June 19, 2013

On the Move!

Farewell Taiwan - three years ago, we departed Portland with Audrey and a few belongings...

In all honesty, we did not have much information about what where we were going and we didn't have much of an idea about what we wanted. Except for one thing; or should that be two little items? We jumped into the international teaching field without much research and jumped at the first job that landed at our feet. Ecstatic that we did not have to visit snowy Boston (there was a horrible storm that year) for the job fair, we briefly read about Taiwan's mountains and said, "Yes". We had also heard about the possibility of adopting children in Taiwan so we blindly hoped that we would be able to find babies and make it through any legal hurdles. Now, our family extends to Xian and Sage as we pack up for Beijing.

To complete our move off the island, we're also making an electronic change of our home. McGowans on the Move better captures what we are up to. The girls are constantly moving and learning and we plan to continue writing about their journeys. We also hope to write about our new home and future travels while also spending sometime thinking about their multilingual journey. Our hope is to continue working on Chinese (we have a fabulous ayi lined up in Beijing who will take care of the girls while we work and help with their Chinese language), on English with Krista and French with me.

A big thanks to everyone who has followed along so far. We appreciate your support and will continue to rely on your kind words and thoughts as we again transition to a new home and culture.

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