Saturday, June 8, 2013

Tai Bao Zheng

Sage and Xian are cleared to enter China! As Taiwanese citizens, they do not need a visa for entrance. Instead, they get what is known as a tai bao zheng. Unlike a visa that is placed into a passport, our girls now have a new book that is a lot like a passport though its only purpose is to document travel into and out of China.

Our trip to the passport photo studio was a comical disaster. A descent of a few stairs led to a room with a chair at the far end. Bright lights focused on the chair and when Xian sat in the spotlight, she lost her marbles. No way can do! The guy taking the photos said that he worked to photoshop XO's tears out of the photo.

Our next job is to get our visas for entry into China but we cannot do that until we get back into the United States.

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