Monday, June 10, 2013


One of the drawbacks of living in a seven story house is that each floor is a different room (oh, and there is the issue of having to always go up and down the silly stairs). Our girls quickly aged out of the "living room" space but are not quite ready to charge up and down the stairs. This means that rooms get mighty small, mighty quick and the girls spend way more time than necessary finding out ways to get to places they don't need to be. Sage's current trick is to pull out a drawer so that she can use it as a stepping stone to get up on counters.

Xian, who currently has just over an inch on Sage, doesn't need the drawer and can pull herself up to the counter. They tend to congregate there and when they think Mom or Dad is not looking quickly stand and race back and forth. If a song is played that they like, dance routines are practiced. We're hoping to get out of here without a serious tumble...

Sage feeling better...

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