Monday, November 5, 2012

Xian's first haircut

This was the first full attack on Xian's quickly growing mane. Sure, a couple of stealth snips took place to keep the mohawk under control but this focus was her extending mullet. Krista timed her approach carefully and waited until Xian's belly was mostly full before starting to cut.

Krista shows Xian her trimmings. A local tradition is to use hair from a baby's first haircut to make the child's first calligraphy brush. Since this was only a mullet cut, we are hoping that there will be enough hair.

Xian's patience was relatively short during the process. She wanted to see what Mom was doing and kept flipping her head back from side to side. It's a good thing that Krista kept the pointy scissors from her head as she squirmed.

 In the end, Xian was a happy customer.

Published late - this was for Xian's 1st birthday

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