Saturday, November 24, 2012

Just a Reminder

With December right around the corner, National Adoption Awareness Month will soon be coming to a close. I’m reposting the list of ways we would like to honor adoption this month for a few reasons.
  1. I’m behind on my posts-I have A LOT to catch up on and need the reminder
  2. We have learned a tremendous amount this month regarding adoption. We’ve networked, completed a service learning project, made new family traditions and researched our children’s heritage-it’s good to recognize what has been done.
  3. Remind you all what this month is about-honoring those touched by adoption and with this last week, perhaps you will want to do something to raise awareness as well.

So, here is the list we made at the beginning of November. We’ve learned that some of these things will not happen and yet, we’ve added items we didn’t think of before. An updated list will be published at the end of the month.

  • share history of national adoption month
  • November Saturday family days (4 days)
    • Saturday #1
    • Saturday #2
    • Saturday #3
    • Saturday #4
  • commit to sponsor a child for 12 days of giving
  • Pre adoption--bumps and bruises along the way-preparation
  • celebrate Xian’s cultural heritage
  • celebrate Sage’s cultural heritage (find out which tribe she is from)
  • celebrate with family scrap time (photos will be put into albums!)
  • share Xian’s adoption story
  • share Sage’s adoption story
  • learn and share info about appropriate adoption language
  • get family photos taken
  • file re-adoption paperwork
  • file citizenship paperwork
  • share children’s lit focusing on adoption
  • request letters from family members to the girls for their “got ya” books
  • Why not adopt?
  • create a new McGowan family tradition that celebrates family
  • a special way to thank our adoption angel
  • share valuable international adoption links
  • celebrate National Adoption Day with our students
  • light a candle for our girls’ birth parents
  • honor those adopted and seeking adoption
  • paper dolls for those in orphanages seeking homes in Taiwan--raise awareness
  • struggles with adoption and societal views
  • employee benefits
  • Send thank you to birth families-picture of candle
  • Hopes and Dreams for the wee ones

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