Sunday, November 11, 2012

Saturday #2 Embrace the Unexpected

One of the frustrations we have had with living in Taiwan is how long it takes to get anywhere. The island is fairly small; however, any excursion ends up being quite the production. For McGowan Family Fun Day #2, we decided to head off to a place called Flying Cow Ranch which is about 1.5 hours north of Taichung City. That was the plan anyway. What really happened was we drove around for 3 hours on tiny backroads that Google map kept insisting we take. As the girls became more and more restless, we decided to give up and head back to town-defeated.

On our way home, we stopped at a favored restaurant of ours, Mum’n Pops Cafe. The cafe is owned by an American expat and his Taiwanese wife. This is one of the few places we go where we can get a good drink, and an awesome quesadilla. The girls devoured their cheese quesadilla  and had a lot of fun wandering around on the deck.

Once home, the playing continued as the girls commandeered Audrey’s bed and engaged in a good game of roll over roll over 

and pat sister’s bum (a favorite game of Xian’s).

This Saturday was not what we had planned but it reminded us of how amazing our lives are every day thanks to these two beautiful babies. Even when things don’t work out as planned, even when all we are doing is hanging out at home, each moment is precious. Today definitely reminded us to cherish what we have and not be upset because the day takes a different turn.

Sage also practiced drinking this weekend...

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