Friday, November 9, 2012

A Moment of Thanks

For those of us who have adopted, the story begins with a wish and ends with a darling bundle of joy. However, there is more to the story and one which I am trying very hard to recognize and honor. The other side is that of the birth family. We were fortunate to meet two birth mothers/families who gave us the most precious gifts we have ever received - Sage and Xian. Each child came from a different family and each story is different. The stories of birth families are their own and only ones they can tell. This is a story of a fabulous birth mother who gave her child to an adoptive family when she was 15 years old. In her own words,  “I am a Birth Mother who loves adoption so much! I hope to show the joy of adoption by sharing stories and experiences.” Carrie now keeps a blog that features adoption stories from the viewpoint of birth families, as well as adoptive families. Head on over to Adoption: Share the Love to check it out!

We have open adoptions. For us, this means that when opportunities arise where the birth families want to see the girls, we will try to make that happen. We want our girls to know their birth parents and to be proud of their heritage. We want Sage to have a relationship with her five brothers and sisters.This means our daughters also have to become bilingual so they can communicate with this part of their family. Because of that, they are both enrolled in Chinese baby school. For us, these birth families are an extension of our own and we welcome them with open arms. I could never pretend to understand the feelings these amazing and selfless people had when making their decision, but I appreciate them, honor them, and love them for their sacrifice.

With adoption, the focus becomes so much on the adoptive family and at times I feel as if the birth parents become lost. There is a feeling of not knowing how to act, how to respond, when to acknowledge them, when to include them. Today, all of that is thrown out of the window. Today is the day to say thank you.

Dear Birth Parents:

Thank you birth parents everywhere, from the bottom of our hearts. There simply are not enough words in this world to tell you how much your gift means to adoptive parents. Whatever the situation was that allowed you to fulfill the dreams of adoptive parents, we respect and honor the choice you made to bring a beautiful baby into this world and bless our families. You have given us a tremendous gift and one that we will cherish always. 

Forever Thankful,

Adoptive Parents

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