Thursday, November 8, 2012

Sage's arrival!

Sage’s story is so different from that of Xian’s. We met Sage’s mother, father, and 5 siblings the day before Xian came into our lives. Hesitant, we shared this information with a few close family and friends - unknowing if Sage would ultimately join the McGowan family. Meeting after meeting occurred and as the birth date drew nearer (3 months after the first visit), we became more and more confident that Xian would soon have a little sister.

One of Sage's ultrasound images

I was honored when the birth mother asked me to attend Sage’s birth. Honestly, I knew little of births and was happy to keep it that way but this was an opportunity I couldn’t pass up. Bundled in a heavy coat and scarf, I headed to the delivery room where I was exposed to a delivery that even with my limited knowledge was unlike anything in the States. Though sterile, the room appeared as if it had been pulled straight out of a 50’s horror flick. As I waited for big event, it became hotter and hotter and just at the moment where I was sure I was going to pass out, the nurse ran to the phone to call the doctor. He arrived just in time to catch baby Sage. Blue hands, feet and head gave me a moment of alarm until Sage’s now all too familiar cry echoed throughout the room. Our baby was born! After a quick wipe down and vitals' check, she was brought to her birth mother’s breast to nurse. A few minutes later, Sage was handed to me and I walked out into the waiting room to introduce our youngest to her daddy (birth and adoptive), aunties, brothers and sisters. What a magical moment!

Dad's Account: I was sitting in the hall way of the delivery clinic when the doctor came running by. A quick hello was uttered as he passed into the delivery room and then, moments later (around 9:15 pm on the night of January 3, 2012), I heard Sage's cry. Krista, who was present for her birth, came out a few moments later holding this little bundle of joy.

Sage clocked in at 2.8 kg (a bit over 6 pounds) and 48 cm (almost 19 inches). She slept in the hospital for a couple of nights. Already scheduled, grandma (Krista's mom) flew in from Washington. She arrived Wednesday night so we made the rapid round-trip journey to the airport and got home early in the morning on Thursday. A few quick hours later and Krista and her mom left to bring Sage home.

Hello Sage!

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