Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Sending out an All-Call: Letters Requested

This all-call invitation post is going out to all of the people in the lives of Xian and Sage. We would like to add letters to each of the girls’ baby books. (Don’t worry, Frank and I will be doing the same.) These can be written in French, Chinese or English. The letter should be addressed to each wee one and sealed in its own envelope. 

At some point in the future when the girls can read the letters, they will open them up and have amazing memories, pieces of advice, affirmations of love and more from you.

A few suggestions to get you started:

  • love
  • notice
    • What do you notice about them that stands out?
  • enjoy
    • Times you have enjoyed with them.
  • hope
    • What are your hopes for them?
  • cherish
    • What do you cherish about them?
    • Cherished memories
  • believe
    • Share what motivates you personally
  • A bit about you
    • What would you like the girls to remember about you?

These, of course, are just suggestions. There are so many options-perhaps how you felt when you received the phone call that the girls had just become part of the family, how the girls have added to your life, etc. Frank and I will be doing the same and sharing excerpts with on this blog.

We really hope you can take the time to write these letters. They will go into their Gotcha memory books for the girls to open when they are older. You all are an important part of their story and we would love it if you could share a bit of yourself with Sage and Xian.

NAM List

  • Share history of national adoption month
  • Preadoption--bumps and bruises along the way
  • November Saturday family days (4 days)
    • Saturday #1
  • Request letters from family members to the girls for their “gotcha” books

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